For a long time, circuit training was seen as efficient but tough and also somehow a little out-dated. But the slightly dusty training technique has now become a new trend. Fitness studios and physiotherapy clinics across Europe have recognised that, with the Milon Circle system, circuit training is more up-to-date and better than ever. The latest Milon machines, which “recognise” who is using them and how they train, enable individually optimised training.

Circle Training Plus introduces this new circuit training programme that is individually adapted to your needs. In addition to the sporting element, the book also offers a round-up on the topic of healthy living. The chapter “Nutrition and Metabolism” explains what your body needs in order to function at its best. In the Fitness Check, you can find out where you stand and how you can promote your fitness without over-stressing your body. The book is rounded off by personal success stories and experiences on the Milon Circle from sporting great like Ironman triathlete Faris al Sultan.


144 pages,
Format 19.5 x 22.9 cm