Since it was founded in 1927, Swedish car brand Volvo has stood for safety, practicality and solidity. Recently, however, the brand image has been changing. Without abandoning or neglecting its core values, Volvo now defines itself largely through design.

The work, created in close cooperation with Volvo Germanland, provides an overall view of the brand’s history, focuses on the current models and takes a look at the years ahead – which will be decisive for Volvo – with a new platform strategy and new factories in China.

But there is also plenty of room for the past, too. The PV444 and 544 models, the “Amazon”, “Snow White’s Coffin” and the “2” series all have their own chapters. Further content includes safety, and one essay is dedicated to the subject of China – after all, Volvo has been part of the Geely Group since 2010. A new feature in this extensively updated edition of the book is a report on the Volvo Ocean Race.

Commissioned by:
Volvo Car Germany GmbH


176 pages,
Format 24.9 x 30.6 cm