The legend of the “Green Hell”. Since it was built in the 1920, the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring has been a formidable race track packed with surprises. The experts described it as the “longest and toughest track in the world”. The legendary circuit has lost nothing of its fascination to this day. Motorsport maniac Stefan Bogner has rediscovered the Nordschleife and photographically immortalised it with his book, Tracks. Despite its documentary character, the aesthetic images brim with emotion and fascinating details, as those familiar with Bogner’s work already know from his photographic books “Curves” and “Escapes”. Plus, it contains detailed information on the individual sections of the track, gradient profiles, the best overtaking opportunities and the correct braking points. Thomas Jäger, himself a successful racing driver and instructor at the AMG Driving Academy, shares his know-how with the readers of Tracks and provides useful tips for those vital tenths of a second.

“Tracks – Nürburgring Nordschleife” is a wonderfully detailed documentation of a legend in motorsport history, filled with useful information and entertaining facts on this legendary race track. 

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