It entered the history books as a liberator – it was the Willys MB, which helped the Allies win the Second World War. This is how the first Jeep became a legend, at the same time establishing the aura of the brand. Ever since, the name Jeep has been synonymous with all-terrain vehicles and now stands for 70 years of expertise, customer enthusiasm and sustained success.

The history section of the book draws on 70 years of vibrant corporate history. The seven most important models in the history of Jeep are lovingly portrayed, with the Jeep Wrangler off-road icon taking its place alongside current flagship, the Grand Cherokee.

In 2009, Jeep found itself a new residence in Turin following the merger of Chrysler and Fiat. But its true home will always be where the Jeep heart beats strongest – in Motown, Detroit. On the road with a classic, the Grand Wagoneer, the authors venture a glance to the future – and it is positive, for Jeep and for Detroit.

The book’s concise, highly observant texts come from Juergen Zoellter and other renowned authors. The excellent imagery bears the signature of Markus Bolsinger, one of Germanland’s best automotive photographers.


156 pages,
Format 27 x 30 cm