It is a Friday in March 1961 – on which British sports car company Jaguar caused an uproar at the Geneva Motor Show with a coupé. With the presentation of the E-Type, the United Kingdom conquered the world once again overnight. Even as “Il Commendatore” Enzo Ferrari stood in front of his competitor’s sports car, he had to admit: it’s the most beautiful car ever built.

Half a century later, a worthy successor sets out to conquer – the F-Type. The wait was worthwhile. This book presents the F-Type in a perfect three-part harmony, creating an emotional setting for the new coupé and roadster from Great Britain.

Readers come face-to-face with a new sports car icon in a series of opulent images. Head of Design Ian Callum and Development Engineer Ian Hoben are on hand to represent the skill and competence of the Jaguar brand. Two famous faces, in the form of Jürgen Vogel and Alexandra Maria Lara, drive the coupé through breathtaking scenery. In keeping with Jaguar DNA, the book takes a very special look at the land of its birth and introduces great designers, artists, engineers and their inventions under the heading “British Creativity”.

Commissioned by:
Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH


144 pages,
29.5 x 27.7 cm