Miquel Liso is currently the most exceptional talent in a new generation of grand prix photographers. The Spaniard’s images have a moving intensity that uses a wholly extraordinary and new visual language to convey fascinating insights into the topic of racing. Whether Liso is standing in the pit lane or flying over the circuit, his images never fail to surprise time after time.

This is the sophisticated homage to the young Miquel Liso, who is already a star in his home country. The composition of his images is refreshing and pairs with background stories that give pause for thought and are simply enthralling. Liso uses compelling and unusual angles and works with the elements of alienation and surprise, of the big punchline, contrast and meaningful detail. The whole thing is crowned by his gift of being in exactly the right place at the right time.

The image palette covers the action on the track, racing at night as well as incidents, accidents, the faces of Formula one, the grid girls, teamwork, fans, photographers and much, much more. The book closes with some thoughts on the current status of Formula 1.

Commissioned by:
Vista Diferent SL, Miquel Liso

Three-language edition in German/English/Spanish

176 pages,
Format 21.9 x 28.7 cm